The writer and father of the many, Mike Berry, explains on his blog why his wife is more important to him than his children and why this concept should be adopted by all families. The blog post became extremely popular and shared: some criticized the author while others were inspired by him because it changed their way of thinking.

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In all fairness, we’ve been following this rule for as long as I can remember. We’ve been parents for 15 years and therefore the kids never took all the time. My wife and that I spend tons of your time with our youngsters, but never round the clock. We love our youngsters and in fact, they play a really important role in our life. you’ll always trust us and obtain our help and support.

But additionally, to the youngsters, there’s “us”. Our relationship. Kristin and that I always need to confirm that our marriage is robust and healthy. There are several reasons why this is often important and here are 4.

1. A healthy marriage is the lifeblood of the house.

Children aren’t the lifeblood of your family. they seem to be a big part of it, but they are not those who make this messy structure that we call family work. the foremost important part of the family is you and your wife, your husband, your partner. you’ve got all the responsibility. and therefore the children choose their path consistent with your example.

2. We were before them.

AdvertisementBefore they existed, we were both. We fell crazy, skipped classes, talked on the phone all night (and he was tied to the wall with a wire), then decided to be together forever. We were at the beginning of the road. and that we all started with the family. Then we had our beautiful children. Of course, we are happy to possess them.

But our marriage is sacred. and that we need to do all we will to guard it.

3. After them we’ll be.

Nothing is forever. there’ll come a time when the youngsters will get older and leave the nest. I do not realize you, but there’s no room in my house for a 30-year-old boy. once they leave home, have families of their own, and lift children of their own, I would like my relationship with my wife to stay as strong and intimate because it was within the beginning. And to possess that future, we’ve to figure on the connection now. Our relationship must be a priority. Of course, this is often not as easy because it sounds.

4. We must lead by example within the future.


As I discussed earlier, children see us and learn from us. they are doing what we do and watch our every step. Again, I do not realize you, but I would like my kids to get older with a traditional outlook on dating, love, and family. and that I want our marriage to be a model for them. So my wife comes before my children. they’re very close, but they’re still chasing my wife.

At the top of the day, we all tend to be tired and tense. And yes, your kids need you, they’re important. it’s not your hobby, nor your friends, nor your job. And you ought to be worried. But lookout for your relationship first. When children see that their parents love one another, they’re sure that the oldsters love them. But the foremost important thing is that they need confidence in themselves and therefore the world around them.

We have crazy schedules. We always lack free time. We spend the entire day with our youngsters . and that is why I’m asking you to return to your room nightly at 9 p.m. So my wife and that I continue dates twice a month and that we leave. Because it’s important.

That’s why my wife comes before my children.

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