Are Dogs Safe From the Bird Flu?

Avian influenza, additionally called bird flu or H5N1, is a viral ailment that most normally influences birds. It has regarded every so often in areas round the sector. It can spread without difficulty among wild birds, however also can infect home birds including chickens, turkeys, geese, and also can affect human beings and different mammals. There is a rising difficulty that the H5N1 virus should reason a flu pandememic.

The CDC says that dogs are not typically susceptilbe to avian influenza viruses. However, the avian influenza A (H5N1) virus that emerged in Asia in 2003 has been documented to infect other carnivore species (e.G. Cats, tigers, leopards, stone martens). This has raised situation that this strain of avian influenza A (H5N1) virus may be able to infecting dogs. An unpublished record from 2005 through The National Institute of Animal Health in Bangkok indicated that dogs may be inflamed with the virus, however the associated disorder become now not detected. Researchers tested 629 village puppies and 111 cats inside the Suphan Buri district of primary Thailand. Out of those, a hundred and sixty puppies and 8 cats had antibodies to H5N1, indicating that they have been inflamed with the virus or have been inflamed in the past.

There have been news reports of a stray canine dying from hen flu (H5N1)in Azerbaiijan in March. This turned into the first reported demise of a canine from the virus. So a ways, this appears to be an remoted case. The World Health Organization(WHO) states on it is website that a higher knowledge of the scenario in animals is, but, urgently needed.

So some distance, there is not enough information available approximately H5N1 in puppies to recognise how contamination could occur. Most human cases have come from contact with infected fowl or feces. Affected cats in Europe appear to have end up inflamed through ingesting inflamed chicken or wild birds. It is possible puppies could be infected the same manner.

If H5N1 is observed for your region, (at the moment H5N1 has no longer been discovered in North America), it may be an excellent concept to hold your canine interior unless limited, to save you contact with inflamed birds and their feces. If you’ve got a searching dog, you can want to reconsider the use of it for retrieving downed birds. Report to the neighborhood veterinary authority any evidence of good sized bird mortality, both wild and domestic. If your dog shows respiratory issues or nasal discharge, consult a veterinarian. Wash animal blankets with cleaning soap or another commercial detergent.

An equine virus has currently proven up in puppies in the U.S. It is thought that the equine influenza virus mutated to provide the dog influenza virus. This may be a slighlty higher threat for puppies than avian influenza. This inter-species re-assortment isn’t always unusual for kind A influenza viruses. It is uncertain whilst this transition happened.

Symptoms of canine influenza can be much like kennel cough and include: a persistant, smooth, wet cough, and a thick nasal discharge. More severe instances may encompass high fevers, pneumonia, and trouble breathing, which also can be due to a secondary bacterial infection.

If your dog exhibits any of those symtpoms, consult your veterinarian.

So some distance, there was no indication of transmission from canine to human. There is no vaccine to be had presently. Treatment is usually limited to IV fluids to help hold your dog hydrated or antibiotics to help manage the infection.

For extra facts concerning the Canine Influenza, and Avian Influenza check out:



So, is your dog secure from the bird flu? No one appears to have a stable solution one manner or any other at the moment. A little warning may be warranted, however the preference is yours: Would you instead your prized looking dog stay home underneath the mattress in place of hazard catching the hen flu, or be out leading the quest, doing what he loves? The nice advocate we’ve got right now’s constantly pay close interest to your puppies fitness. If your dog suggests signs of ill health, seek advice from your veterinarian. This will make sure you have a healthful, happy partner for future years.

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