We’ve grown accustomed to the belief that men always have the right idea when they make claims. This is what differentiates between women and men. Of course, you’d think you are a woman who has a male mind and you prefer spending the time with males, since girls are too complicated and so on. Simpleness and directness make our lives much easier However, if I were to say that men aren’t always honest about what they think, particularly when it comes to relationships that are serious.

It’s true that men don’t declare their opinions on what they would like in a relationship. But why is that? The only way that can be a connection to the fact that men don’t know their desires until they are able to receive these from women. The subconscious plays an important role in this and at times, you need to investigate what’s going on inside the male mind.These actions will not just attract the attention of the man, but also enhance your relationship and make him feel more comfortable. You’ll feel loved in the shortest amount of time. Let’s examine the top things that every man would like to see a woman do, but isn’t able to say.

1. Show your respect.

It is the most important thing men seek in a relationship However, most women don’t know the meaning behind it. If you’re looking to impress your partner by showing him that you love him, show him respect, have the time to show your boyfriend that your opinions and feelings are important.

2. Ask for help.

You’re strong and self-sufficient and you are able to fight any thing: four huge bags of vegetables that you carry from the car to the home You are able to fix things and you are able to operate laptops, and more. Don’t be a fool, let him show you that you are the one living in the house. There’s nothing more to say.

3. Offer compliments.

Not only women should hear lovely words, but there’s a second aspect. Make sure that compliments are sincere. Show your gratitude with kind words.

4. Be a friend.

Relations are built on mutual support. Even the strongest of men need an individual to support them even when they make mistakes. Being supported is the feeling that men all want. Let him know that you’re happy for him and you’ll get an unexpected reaction.

5. Make an effort.

Let him know that you’re trying your best to do the best job for him. Make sure you’re dressed in makeup and pick your outfit well before you go out to meet.

6. Ask for advice.

If you’re unsure about something is a great way to let your friend know that his opinions matter. Man wants to know that his thoughts matter and that you’ll take him seriously.

7. Make him feel appreciated.

Always be sure to thank him for the evening in the dining establishment. Smile or give him kiss to show your appreciation and let him know you appreciate what you’re doing. Don’t be too generous.

8. Make him feel independent.

It is difficult when you’re together. This doesn’t mean you should just leave him, but be jealous and you’ll end up suffering in the end. Remember that men require their own space in order to spend time with their friends and engage in things for men.

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