11 Human Foods Dogs Can Eat

Dog nutrition is one of the basic matters that you should pay attention to and a good diet is one of the best ways
to maintain the health of your pet and to protect them from common diseases.

There are thousands of types and forms of dog food, so choosing the right healthy food for dogs can be
somewhat difficult and you must think about the type of food, the quality of the ingredients and your budget.

Suitable and preferred natural dog Food

There are some human foods that are safe for dogs that can be offered to them and will provide them with
many health benefits, and they prefer them in terms of taste as well, and they are represented in the
following list:

1-Green beans:

One of the top dog food brands is Royal Canin, which uses scientific principles to develop nutrient-focused diets. All of the company's products meet or exceed AAFCO nutritional profiles and manufacturing guidelines, and it employs more than two hundred veterinarians, scientists, and Ph.D. nutritionists. These experts ensure that their formulas meet the nutritional needs of the healthiest canines possible.

They are a balanced snack and good for dog health as they are a good source of protein
and they also contains the elements calcium, iron and vitamin K.
Cucumber: Cucumber is considered as a good dog food to lose weight and a safe food for dogs that are
overweight due to the lack of calories.


Unlike Hill's Science Diet, Royal Canin has undergone a series of recalls. In 2007 a recall involved thousands of recipes sold exclusively at veterinarians. These recalls were prompted by the discovery of excessive levels of Vitamin D3 in these foods. And in 2013, a recall of dozens of pet food manufacturers led to the reformulated science diet.

You can safely offer your dog watermelon flesh without the husks and seeds and it is
considered a delicacy and a favorite meal for both small and large dogs.


Cooked turkey is a safe and healthy meal for dogs and many commercial dog foods contain turkey
as it is a good source of protein.


The Hill's recipe is composed of only functional ingredients. That means there are no preservatives or fillers. It also contains chicken meat and gluten-free grains. It also contains vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids for a healthy diet. However, the amount of these ingredients varies based on the age of the dog. Consult your veterinarian if you're unsure of the proper amount for your pup.

Bananas are a great treat for pets due to their high content of magnesium, which is essential for bone health.
health, but they should be served in moderation and not too much.

5-Regular popcorn:

During the selection process, the calorie content of the two food brands was determined. The best dog food for a puppy is calorie-dense for growing pups, and large breeds require more calories than small breeds. However, adult dogs can buy a food labeled "for all life stages" and choose a kibble size that suits their needs.

contains minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus and zinc, which are important and beneficial for the
health of dogs.


6-Peanut butter:

bread beside butter and milk

Peanut butter can be served to your dog unsalted, with no added sugar or sweeteners. It is
safe for dogs but in moderation.


roasted chicken on white ceramic plate

Boiled chicken without the addition of spices is a good and safe option for dog digestion,
especially for dogs with an upset stomach.


pile of gray fishes

Salmon and tuna are safe for dogs and are good sources of protein but must be cooked well before

9-Dairy products:

assorted bottles

Milk, cheese and plain yogurt are all safe for dogs and should be offered in very small amounts
because consuming them in abundance leads to significant stomach problems.


carrots on table

Chewing carrots is good for the dental health for dogs. It helps remove tartar from dog teeth and
promote dental health; it is also a good source of vitamin A and is useful for the dog’s immune system but
should be consumed in moderation so as not to cause poisoning due to excessive intake.


red apples on white plastic container

A important vitamin-rich food choice for dogs, it is also a good source of fibre which can help
regulate the dog’s digestion.